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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Commercial Administration

Invoicing / Payment Retrieval / Payment Dispute Handling

We will ensure that your invoices are submitted on time and to a high quality to ensure prompt payment. We will track, file, and prepare your invoices in readiness for annual account submissions. We will follow your payments through to payment due to ensure late payments are a thing of the past

Quotations / Estimating production & consultation

Increased Competitiveness of Quotations

We will help you produce professional quotations to satisfy your client whilst also identifying opportunity & risk within the tendered project.
We can draft Terms & Conditions to accompany your Quotation's to 1.) avoid future disputes  2.) reduce commercial risk

Client Liaison & Contract Guidance

Increase Business Professionalism

From experience, a supplier can provide a great service on-site but can put off the Client with their poor administration / commercial skills. This is can be detrimental for repeat work. We can take that role as Client Liasion ensuring quality communication & professionalism to ensure you are providing the full package to increase future work winning.

If your client is wanting to sign you up to their terms and conditions, we can review and consult with you to ensure that 1.) you understand what you are signing up to 2.) ensure the proposed terms are fair and reasonable

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